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Using Visual Classrooms

Using Visual Classrooms

Visual Classrooms offers a variety of collaborative learning activities – discussions, multiple choice questions, and concept maps. The activity page provides an overview of the prompts for each Visual Classrooms session, as well as the notebook page, visual…

Visual Classrooms Lingo

Visual Classrooms Lingo

Visual Classrooms is an innovative computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) environment to enable a broad range of collaborative knowledge construction activities. It provides a shared interactive white board where users can post, visualize, build on,…

Student Notebook

Additional Features » Student Notebook

The Student Notebook feature includes all of your answers across all of the prompts in an activity. It also shows your ideas, replies to your ideas, and various statistics about your performance in the activity. To access your Notebook, select the Icon on a…

Visual Analytics

Additional Features » Visual Analytics

The Visual Analytics function provides visualizations of data about activity and interactions taking place in a session. The visualizations can be displayed as either a word cloud or vocabulary list. Word Cloud The word cloud is a function that can be found within…

Responding To and Tagging Ideas

Using Visual Classrooms » Participating in an Activity » Collaborating » Responding To and Tagging Ideas

Responding To Ideas To respond to the idea of a classmate or classmates, simply click the button in the bottom right of the desired Idea Box. You will then see the idea of your classmate or classmates at the top of a new idea box. You may respond with text, an…