A Discussion prompt is a question or topic used as a jumping off point to support students’ interaction and discussion.
You create a discussion prompt by filling in the text of the prompt – this can include media such as videos or simulations, setting the possible scoring if needed, deciding whether to add a sketch background to the sketch tool, and adding “tags”.

Multiple Choice

A Multiple Choice prompt is a multiple choice question. This is created by first filling out the question text and then below in the section marked choices, setting the correct and false choices. You can change the correct question by clicking on the false icon of another choice box. You can add choice boxes by clicking the add choice button at the bottom of the section and you can remove choices by clicking the trash can on the left side of the choice boxes. You need to save your answer.

Concept Map

A Concept Map prompt enables students to create a visual representation of a concept, its components, and the connections between them. Within Visual Classrooms a concept map is made of labeled links and nodes set up by the instructor. Nodes represent ideas or information and Links being the connections between them including linking phrases such as causes, requires or contributes to.

Like the other prompts in Visual Classrooms the first portion of the Concept Map prompt consists of the title, the descriptive text, and the visibility status. The bottom portion of the prompt is where the components of the map are filled in. As stated these components are the Nodes and the Links separated into two columns. Like in the Multiple Choice prompt one can fill in the text of the Nodes and Links as well as delete them by clicking the trash icon on the left side of each Node or Link box or add more by clicking the add Node or add Link buttons on the bottom of each column. One can also change the color of each Node by clicking the color box to the left of each Node box and selecting a different color. Once one has previewed the Concept Map a space will appear at the bottom of the prompt that shows what the map will look like to students. It will be a blank space filled with the node boxes in whatever color you saw fit to make them. The question text and Link options will be listed above the space in which the Nodes are presented. In the bottom left corner of each Node there will be an orange box, if you click it and drag from it to another orange box on another Node, an arrow will be drawn from the first node to the second pointing in its direction and you will be asked which Link option you wish to label it with. One can create arrows to and from any of the Nodes to any other Node and Label them with any Link in the list. That is a Concept Map.


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